Our Optical Boutique 


We carry an extensive line of designer eyewear, from selections for the most fashion-forward individuals to more budget-friendly options. Our experienced staff is sure to find something to suit your personal style. 

     Why Our Optical?  
  • We specialize in lifestyle dispensing, meaning we listen to your needs and design custom eyewear for you.

  • Our experts will help you select the perfect frames and lenses, taking precise measurements to ensure you an accurate fit and great vision.

  • Experience peace of mind knowing that your glasses are made by licensed, trained professionals who have measured, verified, and adjusted your prescription, ensuring your best possible vision.

  • Rx verification to ensure you are seeing your absolute best.

  • If you ever lose or break your glasses, just call or email. We can provide an exact replica as we store all your details, including all frame and lenses measurements.

  • We’ll give you a care kit to keep your glasses looking their best.

  • We’ll provide replacement no-charge nose pads and screws for the life of your frames to keep them in top shape.

  • You get unlimited tuneups, including adjustments and ultrasonic cleanings, for the life of your frames.

  • Next time you visit, we can assess whether any change has taken place since your last visit and whether new eyeglasses are required.

  • For your spare pair of glasses, be assured that the lenses will be identical to your current glasses and the vision as good as your main pair, all with a loyalty discount.

  • We guarantee to spend the time necessary to make sure your new glasses are perfect in every way.

  • By buying with us, you are supporting a local business that gives back to YOUR community.




9:00 AM- 5:00PM 

FRIDAY, By Appointment Only 




414 E. Upland Road 

Suite A
Ithaca, NY 14850

Tel: 607-257-1500

Fax: 607-257-1501


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