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 Since we like to give our patients our undivided attention, we are not always able to accept walk-in optical services.  Please call our office for advanced arrangements and scheduling.

Our Optical Boutique 


We carry an extensive line of designer eyewear, from selections for the most fashion-forward individuals to more budget-friendly options. Our experienced staff is sure to find something to suit your personal style. 

     Why Our Optical?  
  • We specialize in lifestyle dispensing, meaning we listen to your needs and design custom eyewear for you.

  • Our experts will help you select the perfect frames and lenses, taking precise measurements to ensure you an accurate fit and great vision.

  • Experience peace of mind knowing that your glasses are made by licensed, trained professionals who have measured, verified, and adjusted your prescription, ensuring your best possible vision.

  • Rx verification to ensure you are seeing your absolute best.

  • If you ever lose or break your glasses, just call or email. We can provide an exact replica as we store all your details, including all frame and lenses measurements.

  • We’ll give you a care kit to keep your glasses looking their best.

  • We’ll provide replacement no-charge nose pads and screws for the life of your frames to keep them in top shape.

  • You get unlimited tuneups, including adjustments and ultrasonic cleanings, for the life of your frames.

  • Next time you visit, we can assess whether any change has taken place since your last visit and whether new eyeglasses are required.

  • For your spare pair of glasses, be assured that the lenses will be identical to your current glasses and the vision as good as your main pair, all with a loyalty discount.

  • We guarantee to spend the time necessary to make sure your new glasses are perfect in every way.

  • By buying with us, you are supporting a local business that gives back to YOUR community.


Contact Lens Services 


We strive to deliver personalized contact lens care, offering a variety of lenses, competitive pricing, and convenient online ordering.


What makes us different from other contacts providers?

Individual attention! We realize not everyone is the same. We invest the time and effort to get to know your visual needs and what contact lenses would work best for you. We also provide a lifetime of eye health education. Through our contact lens training programs, we ensure each patient has the expertise to care and wear their contact lenses for sustained future health and success.   

Annual Evaluations 

Why is it important to check your contacts annually?


Taking care of your eyes is very important. For contact lens wearers,  we offer yearly tests and measurements to make sure your eyes are healthy, that your lens fits properly, and to ensure that you are seeing as well as possible. During your annual comprehensive exam, we check your contacts to make sure they are the optimum fit.  


Lens Varieties

What kind of lenses do we offer or fit?


  • Soft 

  • Daily disposable  

  • Extended wear 

  • Rigid gas permeable 

  • Bifocal/multifocal (in both soft and RGP)

  • Astigmatism/toric (in both soft and RGP)

  • Colored/tinted

  • Keratoconus

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