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Child In Speech Therapy
Caring Child
Patient and Nurse

This is why we do what we do!

"Before vision therapy, I would become easily frustrated when trying to read and would have to read information many times before I would understand it.  Struggling to read made it challenging for me in school because I had to read in every subject. When my parents would encourage me to read a book I would often times become so frustrated that I would cry. 

Vision therapy helped me in so many ways! I am no longer struggling to read and it has made school much easier for me. I don't have to re-read things many times anymore.  Being able to read without difficulty has made me much more confident, too!"


Age 11 

"Before vision therapy, I would avoid reading and doing homework.  When I did sit down to read it felt like nothing was sinking in.  I was irritable and easily overwhelmed in crowds of people or in social settings.  People would tell me things and it was like we never had the conversation.  I couldn't seem to retain what they were saying.  I would meet people multiple times and not remember them.  It was super frustrating.  Computers were the worst.  I would feel nauseous if I had to spend any length of time in front of a screen.  


After vision therapy with the team at Ithaca Eye Care, I have so much more energy.  I don't need 10 hours to 12 hours of sleep anymore.  I'm okay with 8-9.  I have fewer headaches.  I can focus, read and drive for long distances.  My memory is also much better.  I can handle computer and TV and I've gotten pretty good at a couple programming languages.  My partner no longer has to do the bulk of the driving when we go on trips.  I can do my part."  

C. McDonald 

Age 32

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