Annual Evaluations 

What makes us different from other contacts providers?


Individual attention! We realize not everyone is the same. We invest the time and effort to get to know your visual needs and what contact lenses would work best for you. We also provide a lifetime of eye health education. Through our contact lens training programs, we ensure each patient has the expertise to care and wear their contact lenses for sustained future health and success.   

Why is it important to check your contacts annually?


Taking care of your eyes is very important. For contact lens wearers,  we offer yearly tests and measurements to make sure your eyes are healthy, that your lens fits properly, and to ensure that you are seeing as well as possible. During your annual comprehensive exam, we check your contacts to make sure they are the optimum fit.  


What is Orthokeratology?


The Gentle Vision Shaping System uses specially designed vision retainers to gently and gradually reshape the front surface of the eye (the cornea) to eliminate or reduce nearsightedness (myopia) or astigmatism without surgery. The principle is similar to using a dental retainer to realign crooked teeth. The vision retainers are similar to contact lenses and are only worn while sleeping. Upon awakening, they are removed to provide clear vision without glasses or contact lenses! The retainers are comfortable and very easy to care for. Call today for more information on this service. 


What kind of lenses do we offer or fit?


  • Soft 

  • Daily disposable  

  • Extended wear 

  • Rigid gas permeable 

  • Bifocal/multifocal (in both soft and RGP)

  • Astigmatism/toric (in both soft and RGP)

  • Colored/tinted

  • Keratoconus

  • Orthokeratology/CRT 

The Gentle Vision Shaping System
Lens Varieties

Contact Lens Services 


We strive to deliver personalized contact lens care, offering a variety of lenses, competitive pricing, and convenient online ordering.



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